22 Oct 2013

Netflix surpasses HBO in total paid subscribers

It looks like Netflix has surpassed HBO in overall subscriber base. This news comes from Bloomberg, which said that Netflix now has about 30 million paying US subscribers as of Sept. 30, while HBO has about 28.7 million. HBO is regarded as the most successful premium channel on traditional television, so this is big news for Netflix.
Netflix has been expanding its streaming offerings with content from traditional television sources, as well as its own original series. Netflix’s Reed Hastings believes that the company could grow to have between 60 million and 90 million viewers over time. In that time they think they can get 50 million total subscribers worldwide as well.
In the third quarter of this year, Netflix likely has added about two million total subscribers. In the fourth quarter, analysts expect another 4.2 million. So things are looking very good for the company.
Netflix is already on many smartphones and tablets, as well as devices like Roku and Apple TV and the company is in talks with the cable companies to add a Netflix app to set-top boxes, bringing its service into even more homes. This should help get them the numbers they want. However they still have to catch up to HBOs revenue.
Source Electronista


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