21 Oct 2013

Windows 8 apps will work on Xbox One

You may have noticed that Microsoft has been working hard to unify all of its platforms lately and the last piece of that puzzle is the Xbox One. It may not be clearly branded with the name Microsoft, and is not part of the Windows line, but it is part of their ecosystem nonetheless and they seem to be operating under the umbrella of “no platform left behind. So it is no surprise that they would want to get the Xbone all squared away with their plans.
xbox one
Awhile back Microsoft teased that Windows 8 apps would work on the Xbox One, and has even hinted at cross-platform gaming between the Xbox One and Windows 8 machines. Aside from that, nothing has been confirmed, until now. Dell might have accidentally given us confirmation by saying that “all your favorite Windows 8 apps” will run and sync to your Xbox One.
We are still left to wonder how these apps will be controlled. For instance, using a gaming controller for TV app input can be frustrating. To that end, Microsoft has been pushing its SmartGlass mobile app, so your tablet or phone can act as a second screen. One with a good keyboard.
Will there be more Kinect input? That is likely. We are still waiting for this info and we should hear soon since the console will arrive in November.


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