13 Oct 2013

Twitter Pays Engineer $10 Million

You’re probably used to hearing about the ridiculous salaries athletes receive, but what about how much engineers make? Christopher Fry, Twitter’s senior vice president of engineering made over $10 million last year, right behind the company’s Chief Executive who made $11.5 million. The high salary denotes a significant shortage of top-quality engineering talent in Silicon Valley.
It’s the place where venture-capital start-ups are many while talented people to make those start-ups successful are few. Stories of ridiculous job offers and benefits abound regularly in Silicon Valley as companies compete for talent to become the next major internet sensation.
Twitter Money
C FryIt doesn’t just stop at the offers either. Companies have even admitted to livening up their offices with ping-pong tables and bars to entice prospective talent into working for them.
Most of Fry’s earnings came in the form of stock awards, which add up to $10.1 million in addition to his $140,000+ salary. Although the Twitter VP still doesn’t hold a candle to Facebook’s VP of Engineering, Mike Schroepfer, who took home $24.4 million in stock awards in addition to a salary of $270,000 in 2012.
Moral of the story, if you’re a computer engineer with some talent, get your ass over to Silicon Valley pronto. This should also be a nice nudge in a profitable direction for young college students trying to decide on a career path.
Source – Reuters


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