14 Oct 2013

Steam Controller Demonstrated Playing Portal 2 And CS:GO By Valve (video)

Gamers curious about the new Steam Controller might be interested in a new four-minute video which has been released by Valve demonstrating their new games controller playing games such as  Portal 2 and the latest CounterStrike:GO first-person shooter (FPS) to name a few.
Valve designer Greg “Gregori” Coomer published the new Steam Controller demo video over the weekend which shows the new device being put through its paces revealing how the touch sensitive pads function during gameplay.
steam controller
The right trackpad on the Steam Controller is configured to a 1:1 view control mode allowing you to move your thumb on the pad to translate it into movements on the screen. The left pad on the controller has been configured to be used as a D-Pad where the normal directions of movement have been mapped to the AWSD keys on your keyboard. But het configuration can be reversed if preferred. Valve’s Coomer explains :
“One of the most important features of the Steam controller is that the two trackpads are fully configurable,”-”What we’re showing here is what we call ‘Legacy Mode’, which is playing a game that hasn’t been modified at all to support the controller. So this is just standard keyboard and mouse style Portal 2, but the controller is acting like a mouse and keyboard, and is mapped to output keyboard events that Portal 2 expects.”
“We can use both trackpads to control the mouse alternately,”-”The two mouse movements get blended together so I can move with my left thumb and then my right thumb, and it allows you to do a really quick walk across the screen. It’s a very comfortable way to control games that need to move the mouse very precisely and get over large distances on the screen.”
Source: Toms Hardware


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