8 Oct 2013

Nokia Signs In Finland Replaced With Microsoft Signs

As you probably know, Microsoft recently announced their plans to acquire Nokia’s cellphone business. It was even rumored that Microsoft would drop the Nokia branding from future devices, as well as the Lumia name. It makes sense that Microsoft would want to streamline its brand and products, so that is no surprise.
Nokia is the name of a company in Finland and also the name of a town in Finland in the region of Pirkanmaa where there are signs that read “Nokia”. Well with the upcoming acquisition in mind, some clever prankster in Finland has replaced signs that read “Nokia” with “Microsoft”. He or she has taken it upon themselves to get this name change under way and have some fun.
I suspect that many people in the area were baffled to find out that they were suddenly heading toward Microsoft. Of course maybe they are fans of Bill Gates. In which case, they were probably excited rather than confused. Pretty funny joke. And I hope if they get caught, they don’t face any bad consequences. Nobody got hurt and it was just a bit of clever fun. They didn’t change the actual signs, but used stickers to change them.
Source Ubergizmo


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