13 Oct 2013

iPhone 5 and 5S Camera Comparison

Last year Austin Mann, a travel photographer, took an iPhone 5 and 4S to Iceland to see which phone’s camera was best. This year he did the same thing with the iPhone 5 and 5S, taking both down to Patagonia to test, and the results are actually quite stunning.
Iphone 5s and 5 comparison
Usually new iPhone iterations show minor improvements at best, especially where the camera is concerned, but this year the iPhone 5S’ new sensor clearly beat out the iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S’s dynamic range proved to be a lot better than the iPhone 5. Where the older camera tended to focus heavily on one given area, the 5S was able to take beautiful panorama shots and up-close zoomed shots with ease.
While I’m incredibly impressed with the outcome, I can’t help but remember that this is in the hands of a professional photographer and that best camera in the world won’t make duck-faced teens look any better. I think this bit of news is only really important for professional iPhone toting photographers. People who want the latest and greatest were already going to update just because it’s called the iPhone 5S.
What do you think about the outcome of the test?
Source – Engadget


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