19 Oct 2013

Google Hangouts for iOS Gets an Update, Brings Free Voice Calling in US and Canada

Google Hangouts received a major update that brings several features and improvements, with free voice calling for US and Canada being the most important one. With the latest Google Hangouts app for iOS, users can call phone numbers directly from the application itself, with no charges for numbers in US and Canada using their Google Voice numbers. Users can also call international numbers, but they have to pay a small fee for that. The calls doesn’t need a SIM card and everything is done over WiFi.
Google Hangouts iOS
Things can get even more useful if you have a Google Voice account. You can send and receive calls from within the Hangouts application, with the outgoing calls showing your Google Voice number and incoming calls can be answered from the Hangouts application. In addition, the incoming calls will not stop the music and will pause it during incoming calls, and comes with the animated GIF support as well.
Here’s the complete change log:
- See which of your friends is using Hangouts, and who can be reached right now
- Call phone numbers from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch (free to the US and Canada)
- Make and receive calls using your Google Voice number
- Send and receive animated GIFs that play inline
- Hangouts will temporarily turn down your music (instead of stopping it) when you receive an incoming message
The update is not available for Android users, but we hope that Android version will get the update in the near future.
The application works for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, and can be downloaded from the link given below.
Source: Engadget


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