24 Oct 2013

Garmin Tactix GPS Watch Is Designed to Meet the Needs of Law Enforcement

Garmin has unveiled its latest if GPS watch called the tactix that is designed specifically for the needs of law enforcement and police special operations. I’m sure the watch would be appropriate for anyone else who likes to spend time in the field. Garmin says that the watch is built for training, exploring, and more. It also features an integrated altimeter, barometer, three-axis compass, and GPS tracking capabilities.
The tactix watch is waterproof to 50 m and is designed to run for up to 50 hours in GPS mode on a single charge. The watch also is preloaded with tide data in the US and has Jumpmaster software designed to help in amphibious and airborne operations. The watch is matte black in color, has a curved lens, and a green backlight. The green backlight is designed so it doesn’t flare out when users are wearing night vision devices.
The curved mineral glass lens is scratch resistant and designed to reduce hotspots caused by sun reflections. The large LCD also features a negative mode for use in lowlight conditions. The watch has a black background and green LED light. The battery is good for up to 50 hours in UltraTrac mode, up to 16 hours in full GPS mode, and up to five weeks in basic watch mode. The tactix also has all the standard watch features you expect such as alarms, tones, vibration alerts, timer, stopwatch, and world clock. The tactix will be available to purchase this fall for $449.99.


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