8 Oct 2013

Filip Smartwatch Child Tracking Watch Unveiled

If you need to keep a track on your little ones, you might be interested in a new device called the Filip smartwatch, which has been specifically designed for parents to be able to track and communicate with their children via their smartphone, while the child is allowed to roam away from home.
The new Filip smartwatch will be launching in AT&T stores very soon and is marketing itself as the very first smart locator and phone for children, however at the moment no prices for the device are available.
Filip Smartwatch
The new Filip smartwatch and companion smartphone application allows you to set a safe zone which is a virtual radius around an area that you wish your children to play in. If your child leaves the allocated safe zone a push notification is automatically sent to the parents smartphone. Alerting them that the child is playing in an area that they shouldn’t be, the notifications can be sent to 5 pre-designated numbers if required.
Parents are also able to send short messages to the watch to alert their children using messages, the process is a one-way system which doesn’t allow the child to message back. For more information on the new Filip smartwatch jump over to the official Filip website for full details and specifications.
Filip Smartwatch


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