14 Oct 2013

Facebook Android Alpha Testing Program Announced

If you are interested in trying out the latest developments engineers at Facebook have been creating for Android devices. You might be interested in the new Facebook Android alpha testing program which has been announced by the giant social networking site over the weekend.
Earlier this year back in June, Facebook announced the launch of its beta testing development programme that allowed interested parties to run the latest mobile applications on their devices before a full and final public release was made available by the company.
Facebook Android Alpha Testing Program
The Facebook beta testing program proved popular and now Facebook is offering users even earlier access to these new features and developments in its latest Facebook Android alpha testing programme. However Facebook engineer Christian Legnitto, explained that the even earlier development stages “are not for the faint of heart”
“Alpha is not for the faint of heart–features will come and go, crashes will be introduced and fixed, and designs may go through many iterations. Because we are continually testing and experimenting on alpha, the Facebook for Android app that alpha users test will look and behave differently than what ultimately gets shipped in a general release. That being said, feedback on stability and features, as well as any other performance issues you experience, is crucial and deeply appreciated.”
To sign up for the new Facebook Android also testing programme you first need to join the Facebook for Android alpha testers Google group which can be found here.
For more information on the new Facebook Android alpha and beta testing programme jump over to the Facebook news website for full details.
Source: TNW

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