21 Oct 2013

Apple iOS 7 Now On 73 Percent Of iOS Devices

Apple released iOS 7 just over a month ago on the 18th of September, and now according to a recent report, iOS 7 is now on 73 percent of all iOS devices.
These are not official figures from Apple, we can expect some sort of information from Apple at theiriPad 5 and iPad Mini event tomorrow.
iOS 7
The news comes from Millennial Media, who have analyzed their advertising platform on iOS usage numbers, and from the data provided it would appear that iOS 7 adoption is slower than iOS 6 adoption.

iOS 7
What’s behind these patterns? We can’t say for certain, but we have a couple hunches. When comparing iOS 7 to iOS 6, we think that it is very telling that impressions were the same on Day 1, and iOS 7 slowed down significantly after that. Because iOS 7 was such a major update, it seems likely that early adopters downloaded it as soon as possible, but for other consumers, there may have been hesitation after reading about how radical the changes were. The internet was abuzz with iOS 7 reviews, and people may have decided to wait some time before adopting the new OS.
It will be interesting to see what the actual figures on iOS 7 usage are, and we are hoping that Apple will provide some concrete details at their press event tomorrow.

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